Scientific Program

Plenary speakers

Freeman Benny (USA) – Ion Transport in Charged Polymer Membranes 

Giorno Lidietta (Italy)- From Biological to Bio-Artificial Systems Membranes: Perspectives for Industrial Production and Life Science Application 

Kang Li (Great Britain) – New Engineered Membranes for Separation and Reaction 

Kew Ho Lee (Republic of South Korea) – Membrane Research for Carbon Utilization Initiatives in Korea 

Yong Wang (China) – Advanced Membranes by the Selective Swelling of Block Copolymers 

Keynote Speakers

Adham Samer (USA) – Membrane Applications and Opportunities in the Oil & Gas Industry 

Barboiu Mihail (France) – Artificial Water Channels 

Crespo João (Portugal) – Bioprocessing with Membranes 

Friess Karel (Czech Republic) – Advanced Membrane Materials for Targeted Gas Separations – Polymers vs. Graphene

Ho Kyong Shon (Australia) – Forward Osmosis: Simultaneous Wastewater Treatment and Nutrients Recovery and Wastewater  by Osmotic Concentration T

Ho Bum Park (Republic of South Korea) – Emerging Two-dimensional Materials for Membrane Applications  

Izak Pavel (Czech Republic) – Flu Gas Purification by Polymeric Membranes 

Krizanek Petr (Czech Republic) – Main Directions in Electromembrane Processes 

Kujawski Wojciech (Poland) – New Membrane Materials and New Trends 

Tocci Elena (Italy) – Designing Micropouros Membranes for CO2 Capture 

Volkov Alexey (Russia) – Polymers of Intrinsic Microporosity for Gas and Liquid Separation 

Yaroslavtsev Andrey B. (Russia) – Approaches to the Synthesis of Ion Exchange Membranes and Directed Changes in their Transport Properties 

Panel Discussions

The scientific program of international conference MELPRO 2018 will include four-panel discussions, which will serve as the bridge between industry and academia. The topics are chosen to reflect the current issues in different industries, where membranes are used. We would like to bring together the distinguished panellists and offer an outstanding discussion for the participants of the conference. The topics of the panel discussions are: 

1. Gas separation
2. Dairy & Ingredients
3. Biomedical applications
4. Zero Liquid Discharge

Social Program

On-site registration takes place on Sunday, May 13, 2018, from 16.00 to 20.00 and continues the next day from 8.00 to 18.00. The registration desk will be open during the entire conference.
As a part of the Sunday registration, light welcome refreshments will be served.


WELCOME DINNER | Monday, May 14, 2018
The welcome reception will be held in the hotel International (Conference Venue). Part of the refreshment will be grilling in the hotel garden. The welcome reception will be held in the hotel International (Conference Venue). Part of the refreshment will be grilling in the hotel garden. 

The walk with guides (held in English) is included in the registration fee. 
Places of interest:    Strahov Monastery, Hradčanské Square, South Gardens of the Prague Castle, Prague Castle, Cathedral of St. Vitus at Prague Castle, Nerudova Street, Charles Bridge, etc.


The tour will be finished in the Kaiserstein palace with conference dinner





Will be announced later.

Student Awards

To encourage student participation at the conference and to feature excellent works, the organizers of the MELPRO conference are pleased to award the best student oral and poster presentations. Student Awards are for students only, please enclose a copy of your proof of student status with your registration. All participants registered as students will be automatically included in the competition. 
The three best contributions in the categories Best Oral Presentation and Best Poster Presentation will be awarded. The Student Award announcement will take place at the closing ceremony.