Pavel Yuryjevich Apel

Pavel Yuryjevich Apel



  • 2006 to present Centre of Applied Physics, FLNR JINR, Dubna – Deputy Director
  • Management of research work on ion beam modification of materials, development of nano- and microstructured functional materials, radiation physics and chemistry of polymers, radiation testing of materials, ion transport phenomena in nanochannels


  • 1999 to 2006 Centre of Applied Physics, FLNR JINR, Dubna – Head of Research Sector
  • Development of asymmetric ion track nanopores
  • Nano- and micro-structured materials produced using ion-track technique


  • 1986 to 1999 Centre of Applied Physics, FLNR JINR, Dubna – Senior Researcher
  • Development of surfactant-enhanced track etching
  • Track formation, track sensitization and applications of ion-irradiated polymers
  • Systematic studies of latent track parameters for heavy ions with atomic numbers from 18 to 92
  • Novel ion track membranes on the basis of polypropylene and other polymers


  • 1980–1986 Dep. of Applied Nuclear Physics, FLNR JINR, Dubna – Head of Research Group
    Study of basic radiation chemical processes in polymers bombarded by heavy ions
    Optimization of chemical processing in track membrane technology
    Etching characteristics of heavy ion tracks


  • 1976–1980 FLNR JINR, Dubna – Engineer
  • Electro-conductometry for heavy ion track studies in thin films
  • Development of small-pore track membranes from PET films



1969–1976 Technological Institute of S.-Petersburg, Diploma in Radiation Chemistry, graduated with High Distinction

Academic degrees

  • 1998, Dr. Sci., Institute of Physical Chemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Thesis title: Tracks of accelerated heavy ions in polymers
  • 1986, Ph. D., Technological Institute of S.-Petersburg. Thesis title: Radiation-chemical modification of polyethylene terephthalate under heavy-ion irradiation and development of track ultrafiltration membranes



  • More than 170 publications in national and international journals, co-author of four books:
  • Fundamentals of Ion-Irradiated Polymers, (Ed. D. Fink Ed.), Springer Series in Materials Science, Vol. 63, 2004
  • Transport Properties in Ion-Irradiated Polymers, (Ed. D. Fink), Springer Series in Materials Science, Vol. 65, 2004
  • Encyclopedia of Membrane Science and Technology (Eds.: E.M.V. Hoek and V. Tarabara), Wiley &Sons, 2013
  • Membranes and Membrane Technologies (ed. A.B. Yaroslavtsev), Moscow, Nauchnyi Mir, 2013 (in Russian)



  • USSR Council of Minister’s prize (1989) for the development of membranes and membrane equipment for purification of de-ionized water in microelectronics industry
  • Russian Federation Government prize (2008) for the contribution to the development of track-membrane-based plasmapheresis technique


Invited talks at International Conferences

  • 20th Intern Conf on Nuclear Tracks in Solids, Portoroz, 2000
  • 5th Intern Conf on Ionizing Radiation and Polymers, Montreal, 2002
  • 23rd Inern Conf on on Nuclear Tracks in Solids, Beijing, 2006
  • Intern Conf on Ion transport in Organic and Inorganic Membranes, Krasnodar, 2012
  • The All-Russian Conf (with intern participation) “Membranes-2013”, Vladimir, 2013
  • The All-Russian Conf (with intern participation) “Membranes-2016”, Nizhnyi Novgorod, 2016
  • 13th Intern Symposium on Ionizing Radiation and Polymers, Moscow, 2018



Professor of the Dubna State University since 2007. Two lecture courses: “High polymers” (spring semester) and “Introduction to Membrane Technologies” (autumn semester)