Paolo Vacca

Paolo Vacca

SAES Getters S.p.A., Italy

Keynote lecture
Nanostructured Materials for Gas Management

Paolo Vacca is R&D Manager for SAES Getters S.p.A. He is member of American Chemical Society since 2005, member of Advisory Board of Industrial Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Department of Politecnico di Milano, Expert Evaluator for European Commission for calls on nanomaterials and nanotechnology.

He got his Master of Science in Chemistry (University of Salerno) in 1999 working on synthesis and characterization of cross-linkable liquid crystalline polymers with shape-memory properties.

Then he got an Advanced Degree in Material Science (University of Salerno) focusing on polymer composites by studying in-situ polymerization and polymer matrix – filler interactions.

Later Paolo got a Doctor’s Degree (PhD) in Organic Electronics (University of Salerno) developing a study about (extrinsic) degradation phenomena of encapsulated organic devices.

Recently Dr. Vacca completed his training with an Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) from Business School of Politecnico di Milano (MIP).

Paolo has been working for almost 20 years on Macromolecular Chemistry and advanced composites related topics, including:

– one year for the Institute of Food Sciences National Research Council (CNR) on biodegradable starch/clay nanocomposite films for food packaging applications;

– two years for Pirelli Labs (MI) where he focused on encapsulation processing for polymer waveguides;

– five years for the Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development (E.N.E.A.) developing organic electronics devices and encapsulation processing.

– more than 10 years for SAES where he has been working on functional composites. Active and reactive filler materials are synthesized through bottom-up and top-down approaches and embedded in polymer matrices to induce new functional properties. Main topics of R&D activity concern the development of nanostructured materials with designed characteristics, the formulation of innovative polymer base systems and their integration in final applications to provide advanced solutions for active packaging. P. Vacca is author and coauthor of more than 35 scientific papers in international journals, more than 15 patents, 2 book chapters on devices encapsulation and packaging.