Liberec region

The Liberec District is situated on the north of the Czech Republic. The area includes the north of the Czech basin, Jizera Mountains, the western foothills of the Krkonoše Mountains, and the eastern part of the Luž Mountains.The district has a predominantly industrial nature. The glass and jewellery industry, the production and processing of plastics, engineering and processing industries are primarily developed with close ties to the production of cars. The traditional textile industry has lost its dominant position due to the slowdown in recent years. The Liberec District has much to offer in the field of study. The presence of universities in the Liberec District must thus be mentioned. The Technical University in Liberec has a Faculty of Engineering, Textiles, Economics, Pedagogy, Architecture, Mechatronics, and Interdisciplinary Engineering Studies. Furthermore, the youth have the opportunity to study at many secondary schools (grammar schools, secondary technical schools, secondary vocational schools, integrated grammar schools, and special schools).